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"I’m a scout. I need to be prepared. I’m a mom, I need to be doubly prepared. I’m packing food into several backpacks, so if we get split up, everyone will have something to eat."

- Olha K.

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The Inner Light Project

The Irish Red Cross, Fighting Words, and Ukrainian Action in Ireland have come together to form the Inner Light project - a unified gesture of solidarity in support of the millions who have been forced to flee the still-unfolding humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.


The text & images presented in this project tell the stories of a remarkable group of Ukrainian women who have recently arrived in Ireland as a result of the conflict in Ukraine.


In a war situation or where violence & injustice are prevalent, poetry is called upon as something more than a thing of beauty.

- Seamus Heaney

Watch & listen to the authors read their memoirs at our launch event at Vicar Street, Dublin. 


Stories of hope and strength

A collection of stories and poems by seventeen Ukrainian women written at Fighting Words workshops. Featuring portraits and photographic reenactments by Alan Compton.

"It's a collection of very moving works about losing home and having to find it somewhere else"

- Patrick Freyne

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About Us

The Inner Light Project is a collaboration of the Irish Red Cross, Fighting Words and Ukrainian Action in Ireland. We wish to extend our gratitude to An Post for their support in helping us to raise public awareness for all who have been forced to flee their homes as a result of war – including the 83,000 Ukraine refugees currently living in Ireland.

Finally – we wish to thank the writers who have generously shared their stories.

For press Inquiries:

The Irish Red Cross helps people affected by crises and conflicts all over the world. Learn more at

Fighting Words offers a wide range of workshops, all of which are designed to promote creativity and writing as a fun and powerful means of self-expression. Learn more at

Ukrainian Action was set up in 2022 in response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine - a group of Irish and Ukrainian volunteers who came together with the aim to help Ukrainians in need and to foster Irish-Ukrainian friendship. Learn more at

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