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by Katie T.


Hi, Kate! You can! Just do it! You can! I believe in you! I know that you hate the phrase “Strong women.” Why do you have to be strong? Why do you have to fit in with somebody’s expectations and cope with any situation? The only thing that you have is to be yourself, just be, sometimes allow yourself to cry, sometimes allow yourself to say, “Circumstances — fuck you! I’ll go ahead in any case!” Be attentive, watch people and try to find “helpers.” During a fire, there are always people who help. Try to find them in any situation and let them inspire you and support you in heavy times. In moments of shock, fear, and panic, they help you to figure out how to live a different life. I love you, do everything with love, even small daily routine things, even putting out the garbage. Keep your inner voice and go ahead without guilt and regrets; they are too heavy for a life journey. During the day, take five minutes to listen to the silence for she is a wise woman. You are not fearless but brave! Do you remember that young man? “I admire you! Every day, thousands of people come to Kyiv and leave. Kyiv is cruel and tough. But you... you are still here, smiling, working, doing a lot of activities, running to courses, and making friends!” Or do you remember the Mayo woman on the train? - Do you have a job? - No. - Do you have a car? - No. - Do you have an apartment? - No. - Oh my God! And in such circumstances, you are smiling!? You were smiling even with your broken leg. All the heavy time will pass and there will be a rainbow after the rain. Miracles happen to people who believe in them.


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