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The Key to the Sea

by Olha M.


Don’t worry, your sea is always with you, it’s in the waves of all the seas and oceans. You remember your first sea, the native Ukrainian Black Sea. Now you carry a piece of it with you around the world - a magical souvenir key with a picture of the Swallow’s Nest. Dad brought this gift back from a business trip when I was a child, and this magic key always hung on the wall above my bed. The golden frame around the blue sea and the castle in the photo is a small miracle that’s always with me. You snuggle up with it, keeping it close to your heart - and it’s so nice to your soul, you feel cosy, like you are at home in your childhood bed. And life is fabulous, and you will not give up, a swallow will fly, a Crimean Ukrainian swallow.


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