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What Flavour Does It Have?

by Katie T.


Home Sometimes, you meet the person, the city, or the place, and you close your eyes and hear the beat of one another. There’s no need to share your thoughts; now you have one silence; you are bound forever. With the warmth of a gentle waking-up coffee, a soft lavender latte, you can close your eyes and move to the infinite purple fields. Crossing Paton’s bridge* with its funny, gorgeous candelabras, lightning in the dark, crossing from the left branch of the Dnipro River to the right, Lev was always saying, “Mom! Do you see our Motherland Monument* on the hill? She is huge with the sword and the shield. Nobody could ever attack Kyiv. She will protect us!” I fell in love with the mess and the breath of the noisy city and songs of the crickets and birds under the window of our home at the edge of the city and the deep scent of the forest. We were with our kids and friends at the viewpoint in Mariinsky Park, enjoying the magnificent buildings and river and our weekend ice cream from McDonald’s. It was a sunny and warm day for February, and we were thinking aloud, “How could anybody bomb and destroy such a beauty? What a crazy person that would be!” I’m breathing in the scent of the Ukrainian earth - courage, unity, wrath, and grief. This nightmare is real. Sometimes you hope that your dreams are the reality and that this reality is a dream. * One of the world’s first all-welded bridges. * Total height is 102 metres, the fifth highest statue in the world.


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